The Voice

…No, not the show but the way a writer communicates with their audience. I’ve learned that very often the voice one speaks with and the voice one writes in can be totally different… or they can be one and the same. Personally, the way I write is not the way I speak. Mainly b/c I tend to be reserved and most of my dialogue happens in my head (I’m not crazy, really). I’m having a conversation or discussion and the dialogue in my head is like a page long but what comes out of my mouth could fill maybe half an index card. I find it a lot easier to convey my thoughts in writing rather than verbally. I’m a letter writer and email lover, on the journey from my brain to my mouth sometimes things seem to get lost in translation. That zinger doesn’t zing, my 50 reasons become 2 and frankly sometimes I just self-censor.  Am I going to tell someone they’re self centered and needy? Probably not. But I might write it (and I have, not in those words exactly but I think the sentiment was conveyed). Still developing my voice and evaluating the censors…

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