Give a Little Grace

On this ?? Day of social/physical distancing and isolation I’m checking in…How are we doing?

Well, over here, I began eager to maximize this time…”I’m going to write! And write some more!” But my creative juices didn’t get the memo, so most days it felt like trying to squeeze water from a dry sponge and on the days I was suddenly awash in ideas and words, I’d sometimes lose half of it before I could put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. *Sigh* What is it they say about best laid plans? My expectations have been realistically adjusted. I also learned early on my anxiety around this virus was real. Although my brain didn’t register it, my body certainly did. My remedy? A whole lot of prayer and turning off the news, filtering the talking heads and limiting my scrolls through the Wild West of social media.

These days…Takeout is a highlight of the week. Weekly early morning store visits are as much an indulgence as they are a strategic maneuver. Music is vital, each day has a soundtrack that calms and energizes. I’ve talked to more distant family and friends in the last few weeks than I probably have all of last year. I’ve Zoomed, FaceTimed, Duoed, HungOut and I’m pretty sure I’m nearing video chat burn out. I’m also convinced we all could use mega doses of patience and grace right now…

Grace for the spouse grappling with unemployment
Grace for the child hitting the keyboard in frustration with virtual learning
Grace for the lonely family member or friend sending random texts in the wee hours of the morning
Grace for every essential & front line worker, the visible and not so visible
And grace for ourselves, just winging it one step at a time.

Be safe, be well and write on, my friends.

You Learn Something New Everyday: Quarantine Edition #3

Folks are definitely not getting the social distancing memo and cabin fever is real to a lot of people right now. My family took a Sunday drive and circled some regional parks. We thought we might get out to walk some trails but there were way too many people, way too close. *Danger flashers* And back to the homestead we went.

Food vector created by vectorpocket –

My kids are having takeout withdrawals (even though I’ve bought many of their takeout favorites to cook at home) which tells me 1) we were probably eating out too much and 2) they are way too comfortable spending our money. Here’s to saving a dollar.

Virtual dance classes are being offered everywhere right now including from The Ailey School. Here’s to keeping it moving!

Happy Color™ – Color by Number

My daughter’s newest pastime is color by numbers. She says, “Coloring soothes me.” I say “Color to your heart’s content, my child.”

K.C. Undercover is one show on which the whole family agrees. We’re currently on Season 2. Getting every bit of our money’s worth from Disney+.

My kids have probably been sleep deprived. Between this article and the way they’ve been sleeping and waking with sunnier dispositions, I’m more convinced than ever that adequate sleep is the cure to some of what ails us.

You Learn Something New Everyday: Quarantine Edition #2

Learned my 13 year old son has become a news connoisseur and pretty astute on current events. Thank you 8th grade Social Studies!

Learned the same son was selected to attend the CollegeBound Foundation’s Success Seminar at Johns Hopkins. I’m sure Corona will cancel this event but so glad he’s being recognized for his hard work.

Not a new learning moment but a reminder that a phone call, even just to say a quick hello, is so invaluable. Spoke to family member who lives alone and she just wanted to “talk to someone to know I’m still in the land of the living.” Let’s continue to remember we’re in this together friends!

You Learn Something New Everyday: Quarantine Edition #1

Let’s face it, at this point, many of us are on a somewhat steep learning curve. So I’ve decided to start recording the new things I learn over the next few weeks…from the deeply spiritual to the ridiculously funny and everything in between. Feel free to share your learning moments!

In 3rd grade science, I learned about producers, consumers and decomposers. Reaching into the recesses of my elementary school memory, I know I must have learned this at some point but today it was all new to me.

During a random dance break, I learned my 9 year old daughter knows the words to The Gap Band’s “Outstanding”🤔

I learned choreography with Debbie Allen! It was on IG Live but, hey I still got to live out my “Fame” dreams.

What’s on Your List?

My “To Read” list for the next few weeks.

As an introvert, I must admit that the idea of being confined to my home is a little dreamy. It’s exciting to think of all the books I could read. Of course as a mom, who has to telework, the dream does a subtle face-plant into reality but a girl can still try! So with our local library closing for two weeks, my family and I hit the stacks one last time (at proper social distancing of course) and filled a huge tote to our hearts’ delight. Can’t wait to crack these open! What’s on your list?

P.S. For anyone feeling the anxiety of the times here are a couple of reminders that bolster my faith:

Jeremiah 17:7 But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.

Philippians 4:6-7 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.