She looks battle weary. Her face bearing the scars of addiction, her head bowed. She walks the line of cars, the blessing of a busy intersection and a red light.  Quickly she walks, hoping some kindness might be extended to her- a meal, a few dollars, an encouraging word. This day I can offer only a hello and a prayer. She cries and grabs my hands, her gloves stiff with cold. “In Jesus name,” she agrees. “I know He’s going to take care of me” she says. The light has changed, the cars behind  honk with impatience, we say quick goodbyes. Each day I pray, that her absence means she’s found a warm  and safe place to lay her head, that she is bravely fighting her demons, that healing and recovery are in her view.

This woman is just one of  thousands of homeless men, women and children  in Baltimore. The need is heartbreaking and overwhelming but there are individuals and organizations on the front line meeting these needs everyday. If you are considering where to give this holiday season, consider adopting a woman or family (mother & children) at Marian House. They are truly helping women move from dependence to independence.