This is your…

“This is your reminder to blog today”

This message pops up in my notifications every Friday. But lately, my drafts never seem quite finished. So, today I salute perpetual works in progress…

“This is your reminder to see purpose in the process today. “


If you’re a creature of habit like me, you might agree that routine is our groove. It gives rhyme and reason to our day. Our routine seems to set everything right in our little world.

But what happens when our little world shifts? What happens when our routine collides with possibility?

Possibility wrapped in the unpredictable. The possibility of something different. The possibility of something better.

Don’t be afraid to…See it. Consider it. Embrace it.

The Blessing of Accountability

I’d stopped and started more times than I could count. Waded into the water only to quickly retreat to the familiarity of the shore.

What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I needed to do something different. I needed accountability.

I’d done writing conferences and workshops but always shied away groups. I’d convinced myself I wasn’t a group type of girl- I dreaded group projects in school, I was the poster child for “works well independently.” But obviously that mindset was not serving me well as a writer.

So when I finally took the leap and joined the YBJ Writing Accountability Group, my expectations were tempered. I figured I could gracefully bow out if it didn’t suit me. What I didn’t expect was to feel immediately and absolutely at home with a group of women I’d just met. Led by Yvonne Marie, M.Ed., these women were determined to live life on purpose with Christ at the center, using every gift and expression to serve and honor Him. As a writer and beyond, the group has challenged, encouraged and motivated me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

What does accountability mean to you? Where in your life do you need it most? Pursue it, invite it, embrace it -because you’ll never know the blessing that awaits.

“Why Not?!”

Around this time last year, I tried my hand at microfiction with The Writer Magazine’s 100-word contest. I don’t consider myself a fiction writer but, with time and a $10 entry fee to spare, I thought “Why not?!” So color me shocked when I finished as 1 of 50 semi-finalists. Ok. Not bad. Was I convinced I needed to begin creating characters and plotting a grand story? No. But I was, and still am, encouraged to keep challenging myself; trying new things, flexing new muscles and thinking outside the box. Step by step, a little more each day. How about you?

Here’s my 100-word story “Dear Kelly” (with a little homage to the classic Les Miserables):

“Dear John,
Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I’m headed to New York. I can no longer deny my destiny. If I stay I will be devoured by bitterness and regret. I hope you understand. Please find a way to move on without me. Also, I have taken Marius. I don’t feel you ever had the time or capacity to give this brilliant soul the care he needs…
Dear Kelly,
A little surprised but also quite relieved. Hope you find what you’re looking for. And Marius was more your pet anyway. I’m allergic to cats.”

Docu & Chill

These days my idea of a relaxing night includes a bag of SkinnyPop popcorn (tossed with olive oil….mmm…mmm…good) and a good documentary. I love a story that educates and enlightens, challenges my perspective and in some cases, compels me to action. I’m absolutely intrigued by the snapshots of humanity and by lives so different from what I know. I’d like to recommend a few of my recent viewing pleasures…

Happy viewing and may these stories compel you to tell your own. Write on, friends!

Never Delete

Have you ever felt as if you’ve written a phrase or sentence so perfect, so poetic only to realize it just doesn’t fit the piece you’re writing? As a writer, one of the most valuable bits of advice I’ve received is to “never delete.” Words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs that may not work in one piece may be perfect for another. As a result, I’ve created a file of my deleted ideas and words, my own personal word bank ready for withdrawal.

The past few weeks I’ve run the gamut of emotions from grief, to anger, to fear, to hope and joy. And with each of these emotions there has been a flow of ideas I couldn’t fully flesh out, words that just wouldn’t jibe and dueling sentiments I couldn’t quite convey. But I’m okay with that. And so words have been saved, deposits have been made and perhaps one day the withdrawal of those words will present a clear picture of my mind’s  musings. In the meantime, let’s write on, friends.


Watching awakenings
Witnessing reckonings
Weighing motives
Wondering what’s sincere
While waiting on promises
Working through painful shifts
Willing to hope for change- LAS

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living. Psalm 27:13

Want to be a bridge builder? Visit Be The Bridge

Give a Little Grace

On this ?? Day of social/physical distancing and isolation I’m checking in…How are we doing?

Well, over here, I began eager to maximize this time…”I’m going to write! And write some more!” But my creative juices didn’t get the memo, so most days it felt like trying to squeeze water from a dry sponge and on the days I was suddenly awash in ideas and words, I’d sometimes lose half of it before I could put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. *Sigh* What is it they say about best laid plans? My expectations have been realistically adjusted. I also learned early on my anxiety around this virus was real. Although my brain didn’t register it, my body certainly did. My remedy? A whole lot of prayer and turning off the news, filtering the talking heads and limiting my scrolls through the Wild West of social media.

These days…Takeout is a highlight of the week. Weekly early morning store visits are as much an indulgence as they are a strategic maneuver. Music is vital, each day has a soundtrack that calms and energizes. I’ve talked to more distant family and friends in the last few weeks than I probably have all of last year. I’ve Zoomed, FaceTimed, Duoed, HungOut and I’m pretty sure I’m nearing video chat burn out. I’m also convinced we all could use mega doses of patience and grace right now…

Grace for the spouse grappling with unemployment
Grace for the child hitting the keyboard in frustration with virtual learning
Grace for the lonely family member or friend sending random texts in the wee hours of the morning
Grace for every essential & front line worker, the visible and not so visible
And grace for ourselves, just winging it one step at a time.

Be safe, be well and write on, my friends.

You Learn Something New Everyday: Quarantine Edition #1

Let’s face it, at this point, many of us are on a somewhat steep learning curve. So I’ve decided to start recording the new things I learn over the next few weeks…from the deeply spiritual to the ridiculously funny and everything in between. Feel free to share your learning moments!

In 3rd grade science, I learned about producers, consumers and decomposers. Reaching into the recesses of my elementary school memory, I know I must have learned this at some point but today it was all new to me.

During a random dance break, I learned my 9 year old daughter knows the words to The Gap Band’s “Outstanding”🤔

I learned choreography with Debbie Allen! It was on IG Live but, hey I still got to live out my “Fame” dreams.

Absolutely Adoring Alliteration

Depending on my writing mood, some days I’m too wordy and other days I’m not even sure my sentence conveys a complete thought. But no matter my mood, I often journey to the magical, mesmerizing world of alliteration. The challenge to find the perfect combination of words with just the right lyrical flow is endorphin inducing for me. A little weird? A writer thing, perhaps?

Here are a couple of informative takes on the subject: Love it or loathe it? and Reasons to use (which also highlights the amazing Gwendolyn Brooks and her poem We Real Cool)

Here’s to honing the habit of harnessing the power of words (too much?) Happy Writing!