Never Delete

Have you ever felt as if you’ve written a phrase or sentence so perfect, so poetic only to realize it just doesn’t fit the piece you’re writing? As a writer, one of the most valuable bits of advice I’ve received is to “never delete.” Words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs that may not work in one piece may be perfect for another. As a result, I’ve created a file of my deleted ideas and words, my own personal word bank ready for withdrawal.

The past few weeks I’ve run the gamut of emotions from grief, to anger, to fear, to hope and joy. And with each of these emotions there has been a flow of ideas I couldn’t fully flesh out, words that just wouldn’t jibe and dueling sentiments I couldn’t quite convey. But I’m okay with that. And so words have been saved, deposits have been made and perhaps one day the withdrawal of those words will present a clear picture of my mind’s  musings. In the meantime, let’s write on, friends.

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