Read the Sign

“No Left Turn”

I’d seen this sign regularly on my drive into the office. I assumed it meant I couldn’t make a left turn onto a particular street. For months I made right turns and drove side streets until one morning I noticed two cars making the forbidden left turn. My internal traffic cop was appalled so I decided to take another look at that sign. Upon further inspection I realized, that while the placement was confusing, that sign was not meant for my lane of traffic. So what’s the point?

How are we reading the signs in our lives? Are we adhering to signs that were meant for someone else? As a follower of Jesus, I know God has a unique plan and purpose for my life. But if I’m not careful I can misinterpret or altogether miss the signs He provides. As a writer, I have to adhere to the signs that direct me to authentic creative expression. Where are my energies best utilized? How does my creativity best flow?

Here’s to paying attention and correctly reading our signs.

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