She Writes and SheSpeaks 2019

I try not to overemphasize everything as “life changing.” Because honestly some moments and experiences are amazingly awesome but our lives return to status quo pretty quickly. So when I say that SheSpeaks 2019 was life changing, I mean it completely changed my perspective, my approach and my momentum. It was the push, the kick in the butt, the “Aha” moment I needed. It’s taken me months to process it all and I’m still not done. But I’m here (Heyyyy WordPress!) because after years of sidelining I needed to put myself out there again. It’s not easy putting your thoughts, your work, your heart out for public consumption, risking rejection, trying to separate the constructive criticism from the unnecessary barbs. And while I generally like connecting with people, there are some days it feels like a floodgate has been opened and the socializing of networking can become overwhelming (extroverted introvert here).

This conference was an investment in me, and as a wife and mom, I was reminded that it’s okay to invest in my dreams and passions.

I am extremely grateful to Lysa Terkeurst and her team at Proverbs 31 for creating a space for women to be themselves, be educated, be encouraged, be connected and most of all seek God. This was my first year and most definitely will not be my last.

Dream. Invest. And write on, friends

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