Letters From the Family Album

Croughton Middle School, RAF Croughton, England

Dear 7th grade Me,
It’s our birthday, it’s our birthday, we’re going to party like it’s our birthday!

Girl, you look fabulous! I know how much you fretted over your hair and outfit. Believe it or not, you will grow to love the “big” forehead you so desperately tried to cover. You’re not just “pretty for a dark-skinned girl,” you’re pretty…period. One day you will celebrate your rich complexion, walking confidently in your skin…and your afro. Yes girl! That hair you stressed about keeping straight will thrive as a thick, curly, kinky crown of glory. How cool was it that Mom let you wear her sweater? Red always has and always will be your color, embrace it and rock it often. About Mom & Dad, I know they may seem a little strict but you really will appreciate them later. Their boundaries and prayers will keep you from some dire mistakes and bitter heartache. Trust me. And I know it’s not always easy being a “church girl.” Sometimes you just want to fit in and do what everyone else is doing. You’ll realize the importance of cultivating your own faith and a relationship with Jesus for yourself. The sooner the better. Keep your heart kind but your eyes open. What “they” think will constantly change and you will never please them, so don’t even try (I know, easier said than done). Keep smiling, it will be a great asset.

God made you a brilliant original. There is no need to dim your shine. You are enough…always have been, always will be. Believe it.

The Woman You Are Becoming

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