You Learn Something New Everyday: Quarantine Edition #3

Folks are definitely not getting the social distancing memo and cabin fever is real to a lot of people right now. My family took a Sunday drive and circled some regional parks. We thought we might get out to walk some trails but there were way too many people, way too close. *Danger flashers* And back to the homestead we went.

Food vector created by vectorpocket –

My kids are having takeout withdrawals (even though I’ve bought many of their takeout favorites to cook at home) which tells me 1) we were probably eating out too much and 2) they are way too comfortable spending our money. Here’s to saving a dollar.

Virtual dance classes are being offered everywhere right now including from The Ailey School. Here’s to keeping it moving!

Happy Color™ – Color by Number

My daughter’s newest pastime is color by numbers. She says, “Coloring soothes me.” I say “Color to your heart’s content, my child.”

K.C. Undercover is one show on which the whole family agrees. We’re currently on Season 2. Getting every bit of our money’s worth from Disney+.

My kids have probably been sleep deprived. Between this article and the way they’ve been sleeping and waking with sunnier dispositions, I’m more convinced than ever that adequate sleep is the cure to some of what ails us.

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