Short and Simple

Ever had a conversation with someone who went on and on and on? Your eyes sort of glaze over and you begin to hear the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher “Wha, wha, wha.” Well I don’t want the same to happen when someone reads my work. Brevity is key. Keep it simple and direct. I’ve read that newspaper articles are often written at an 8th grade level to ensure appeal to a wide audience. I’m not sure the same can be applied to creative writing, unless your writing for youth, but I think the overall sentiment may be the same. Don’t say in 500 words what can be sufficiently said in 50. I came across this tidbit I wrote down from the writing workshop last month and wanted to share: Eliminate ego, it will ruin you every time. Write from your heart, your true “you.”

Today’s prompt:
Write about your name.

Lasagna, Shalonda, Shalona, Michelle- at some point I’ve answered to them all. Somehow ashamed that someone else could not pronounce my name. Apologetic as if my parents had committed some naming faux pas. It’s seven letters, with a capital “S,” please resist the urge to insert a “d.” It’s LaShona with a long “o” and a “La” for french flair. Lovingly bestowed and completely me.

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