Germs, Germs…

Go away, Don’t even come another day! One week, two sick kiddos, fortunately Sydney is getting over it and catching up on sleep but then Judah loses his breakfast on the way to school this morning so I guess it’s “Tag, he’s it!” Trying to figure out from where or how these nasty germs invaded our home is futile. But it’s days like this I’m glad I don’t have to worry about calling into the office. Much respect and many blessings to every mom making hard choices and wearing many hats. This mama is tired and will return with a writing prompt next week. Oh but just one writing tidbit…Creative Alliance and CityLit present “Let’s Get It Started In Here”, a workshop with Betsy Boyd being held on four Tuesdays (Feb. 7-28) to help launch your creative writing. Disappointed that I can’t do this one but you can still register!

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