Friday Tantrums

Another Friday, another weekend! And I’m googling “temper tantrums one year olds.” I can’t remember if my son had tantrums at this age but my one year old bundle of sugar, spice and everything nice  has been quirking out. When she can’t commandeer her brother’s toys or get into the corner with all those plugs and cords, she goes into tantrum mode- scream, cry, fall to the floor and kick. Am I distressed? No. A bit amused? Yes. And a lot curious as I watch this little personality take form.

Today’s Prompt: (another from the Writing Resolutions workshop)
Write a break up scene using only dialogue (1 min). Then write the same break up scene describing only setting (1 min).

“Um, I think we need to take a step back.”
“I don’t know, I just need some space.”
“Well if it’s space you need, I can give you space, give you time to yourself. We don’t need to break up for that!”
“No, I just need time, time to figure out what I really want.”
“So you don’t want to be with me! Is that what you’re saying? Have I made your life so miserable that you  just can’t wait to get away from me?
“You know that’s not it! That’s not what I’m saying. I…”
“You what? What are you saying!? I don’t get this. Where is this coming from?”

They sat in the small convertible overlooking the city. It was too cold to let the top down, but he had lowered the window filling the car with the biting winter air. The muscles of his face were tense as he massaged his temples and stared out the window. She gripped the steering wheel and bit her lip as she watched him.

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