Hey, what do you know, I’ve posted twice in one week!  So I found another great site for writers (and readers), the Burnside Writers Collective. It’s a great collection of blogs, essays, articles and what’s even better, they want writers! They welcome and encourage writers to submit their work. So it’s nice to know that I have somewhere I can submit some of the pieces quickly filling my hard drive with a real potential for publication and a greater audience. WooHoo!

Today’s prompt:
Do a 3 minute free write based on this metaphor: “a galaxy of longing”

The sweet smell of lavender awakened her senses and released the dull gnawing void. She yearned for the only thing she so desperately wanted but constantly eluded her. Career, money, and success no longer mattered. What she wanted, what she needed, was to give life. A galaxy of longing breached by that first  gaze into her child’s eyes.

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