So Random

Our church is currently doing a 21 day corporate fast. We’re joining with other churches and believers to seek God and His will for this year and beyond. You can go to Awakening 21 for information about the fast, devotions, inspirational videos- it’s just a one stop shop for anyone desiring a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Anyway as part of my fast I’m abstaining from Facebook. Is Facebook the devil? Of course not, but for me it can be a distraction and a time killer. Say I log on to accept a friend request or post a quick status update and two hours later I’m thinking where did the time go and of all the other things I could have and should have been doing. So in the span of three days I’ve received two emails from FB which in short say “Hey your friends are posting and liking all this interesting stuff. You don’t want to miss out on the fun so why don’t you log on!” I guess the site’s algorithms or something have detected my absence for the past week.  It’s temptation by email!

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