It’s been six months, two weeks…

and a few hours since my last post and well, a lot has happened. Let’s see… I rekindled a love for poetry, penned a few pieces and gave a few as gifts -to see and hear someone moved by the words I’ve written is amazing. I now have a “sister in writing,” a friend who shares the same passion for the written word. One thing I’ve learned so far on this journey is that the solitary work of a writer has to be balanced with the critique, motivation, encouragement ie. the reality check of another person. It’s such a hard thing to expose the inner workings of our brains, to subject our written musings to the logic of another but it’s necessary for growth and sometimes sanity;-) I’m thankful for my sister writer as we hold each other accountable for our writing dreams and goals. Lastly I resigned from my job!! Resigned to be a full time writer you ask? Not really, more of a God is trying to tell you something, my family needs me leap of faith (see my Barnabas Blessings post about Letting Go). Soooo it’s been  three weeks and five days since I gave up my desk with a cityscape view  and it has been….exciting, tiring, frustrating, peaceful, stressful, prayerful, surprising and probably a few other descriptors I can’t think of right now. I looove my children and I stayed at home with my son his first two years so I’m no stranger to the stay at home mom (SAHM) thing but coming back to it after three years has been something. So as I continue to blog about my journey as a writer, my journey as a SAHM the second time around will be inevitably intertwined. Let’s just say Barnabas Blessings posts will continue to be those nuggets of encouragement I receive during my devotional time and Published Journey will be the sometimes not so encouraging real deal details of the day to day i.e.. my venting:-)

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