Low Battery

This Energizer Bunny needs a jump, my juices are running way low. It’s so frustrating, I’m excited, busting out of the gates, ideas coming like rapid fire then somewhere between the starting gate and the quarter mark, I’m walking, and not speed walking but like a slow dragging walk. My mind is fogged (and a little sleep deprived) and putting words to paper in any coherent fashion feels like pulling teeth. I’m told I’m way too hard on myself (but aren’t we always our own harshest critic) considering I’m juggling two little ones and a job. But I’m superwoman I should be able to handle it all right? I know I know the answer is a resounding NO! I was so pumped about the Examiner gig, have about four articles under my belt (it really should be more like eight articles if I’m really serious about maximizing the opportunity), here’s my link http://www.examiner.com/extracurricular-activities-in-baltimore/lashona-sellers. Have to admit I was disappointed after hearing a story on NPR about content mills. And guess who was specifically mentioned (and not in the most positive light) Examiner.com. So I’ve bought into this hype of great opportunity and writing exposure only to hear that most of the writing community doesn’t even rate what I’m doing as legitimate writing. Ok. My husband says I should just plunge ahead, implementing my ideas b/c if I believe in what I’m doing and put out quality work then someone will take notice. Really? I don’t know. And let’s not even begin to discuss the “paid” in paid gig. Wasn’t until I got to the fine print that I realized that paid is like pennies on the dollar unless you do some mega marketing and refer family and friends to be writers as well. I could kick myself for being so naive. But you live and you learn, you win some, you lose some and I’m sure some other choice cliches would apply.

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