I had a jam-packed, over scheduled weekend. My mind and body are recovering from sensory overload and yes almost a week and the next weekend later, I finally have a moment (and the clarity of mind) to reflect on, one of the many but most poignant events, the MD Writer’s Conference. The workshops were wonderful, the presenters personable and helpful and there was such a comraderie among the other writers in attendance. I was personally greeted by the president of the MD Writer’s Association which spoke volumes about the organization and how they value writers, whether aspiring or published. So needless to say my membership app and dues will be in the mail. It was a day long event (from 8am to 6pm) and there was not a dull moment. Even operating on little sleep, I was so energized through the day (ok except maybe the brief moment I battled to keep my eyes open right after lunch ). During the workshop on Developing the Habit of Writing with Elizabeth Henley, I remember this feeling of overwhelming peace/contentment and thinking to myself ‘This is where I belong’ , ‘This is what I really want to do.’ I was inspired by everyone’s stories, their failures and their successes. I was cheered to know that as a fledgling writer, I had the company of more established veterans in trying to make the time to write. I’m now hip to Natalie Goldberg and The Artist’s Way. There was just so much to digest and I’m still processing it all. My goal is still in sight but I’m so enjoying the journey!

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