Chugging Along

So the latest….I received my course materials from ICL!!! Yay! And I must say I’m very impressed with the content and feeling really confident that this is going to be a highly beneficial endeavor. I’ve finished the first half of my first assignment, the intro letter. I further confirmed what I already know…I can be “wordy.” My initial letter was like four pages (the assignment called for only one to two pages) so I edited and condensed, conveying the same sentiment in only half the words. I need to sharpen my skills in brevity. For the second half of the assignment, I had to choose one of three pictures from which to develop a story. It’s kind of an assessment to identify where I am in my writing ability. I’ve brainstormed and sketched an outline now all there is to do is flesh it out.  Getting very excited about the writing conference this weekend. I missed the CityLit Festival this past weekend but at least it’s on my radar for next year. I’m realizing that Baltimore has a very rich and active literary community! Loving it….

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