I’m Baaaack!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last posted. So, what, you may ask, had me otherwise occupied?  Is being pregnant and having a baby a good excuse?. Yes I am now a mommy times two, with a little prince and princess. Pregnancy was not as nice to me the second time around. Morning (and afternoon) sickness and fatigue were constant companions and between rotations of my many hats, one of which was mommy to a sprinting 4 year old, I could muster just enough energy to close my eyes to sleep.

I’m still on the journey, although you can say I’ve been hanging out at a rest stop for the past 11 months. Just like this blog, my stories have been untouched. As for ICL, a few weeks after receiving my course materials and working on my 1st assignment, I figured out that writing for children was not really what I wanted to do nor was it my strong suit. I had to acknowledge that being a parent and being a children’s writer were not synonomous. And I honestly had to admit that I was often at a loss for imaginative tales to tell my own child( thank God for a wildly creative husband). To ICL’s credit, withdrawing from the program was painless and pleasant. So where am I now? I’m ready to get the creative juices flowing again and merge back into the travel lane towards my dream–maybe that’s a little cliche’ or corny but you get my point. I would love to attend the MD Writers Conference again but the timing just wasn’t right this year. I’m thinking about applying for a couple of part time (non-paid) writing gigs to exercise my skills and put myself out there. I figure if I keep waiting until I take this class or do that writing program, I’ll never move forward. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and trust that God is in control.

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