Writers Speak

A wise woman told me, “Writers speak and speakers write.”

I have a tormented relationship with public speaking. Tremoring, sweaty hands, a flip flopping stomach and a shaky voice don’t equal good times for me. Speech Communications was the first class in which I ever received a C. I often say I can write it better than I can say it. But over the years, my written thoughts have led to invitations to publicly speak. *Insert alarmed face* And more recently, the causes and issues I’m passionate about have sparked ideas and opened doors that require me to write as well as speak. So, compelled to grow, I registered for a voluntary series of public speaking workshops offered at my job. The first workshop was downright uncomfortable at times (including a 30 second exercise of maintaining uninterrupted eye contact with a stranger *insert alarmed face again*). But I imagine the process is like stretching; it’s a bit uncomfortable at first,especially if your muscles are cold and stiff, but once your muscles begin to warm and lengthen, the release and relief are invigorating. So here’s to growth and stretching out of comfort zones.

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