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I write because I have a passion for the written word. I have a brain overflowing with stories and ideas that must be recorded and shared. I exercise my pen and my keyboard for my freedom. The flow of my words therapeutic, a divine intervention. Published or unpublished, hundreds of readers or just one; my gift is not diminished, my call no less important.

Why do you write? Re-evaluate. Refocus. And let’s write on, friends!

One thought on “Perspective…

  1. I only write periodically. My creativity isn’t always overflowing. However, there are moments of creativity hyperactivity and I feel like I need to pour out the colorful rainbow that is my mind. It sometimes seems like a Jackson Pollack painting. Or like the little Dutch boy trying to keep the dike from overflowing by plugging his little finger into the holes. But then story ideas come with such a powerful force that the dike breaks and the water floods the town. That is what it feels like to have so many ideas and THEN I need to write!


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