Free Flow Friday

Happy Friday!! Hope this new year is off to a great start. It’s back to routine this week, school is in and vacations are over. I’m pretty excited about the writing workshop tomorrow. Do you have your tickets? If not, go to the Creative Alliance. I believe walk-ins are welcome. Also pretty excited about some “me” time tomorrow.  I looove my hubby & kids but I also love alone time; not the hermit, shut myself off from the world kind of alone but the no one calling my name or knocking on the door kind of alone.  I think my parents would agree, I was always pretty content being by myself and loved living alone in my single lady days. I just love the solitude and add a good read or writing…perfection.

Today’s writing prompt:
Create a story, poem or any piece based on this metaphor “a chapter of loathing.”

Her mirror reflects a distorted truth
Skin too dark
Hair too coarse
Nose too big
Distortion born of comparisons
Fed by erroneous standards
Created by inferior minds
Her beautiful book of Life
Interrupted by a chapter of loathing

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