Free Flow Thanks

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday! There were some insane stories out there–is a 42in flat screen really worth criminal assault charges-wow! Well with school out of session I spent the last four days with a five year old too smart for his own good. My son and I have been bumping heads for the past month or so and it’s been the most exasperating thing ever! Trying to match wits with a five year old is not cool. So in light of the holiday and in keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, Free Flow Friday is being brought to you a few days late as Free Flow Thanks. And for what am I thankful? I’m giving thanks for my spirited little boy…

When his chatter is excessive and he’s asked more than twenty questions, I’m thankful for his ability to speak, his mastery of vocabulary and a curious mind.
When he quickly jumps at Daddy’s request but seems almost deaf to mine, I’m thankful for his ability to hear (as selective as it may be) and the presence of a husband and father worthy of respect.
When his attitude far outweighs his five years, I’m thankful for God’s sufficient grace and that this too shall pass.

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