It’s in the mail…

I did it! They wore me down! An enrollment form and check is on the way to the Institute of Children’s Literature. I had some doubts about the program but after a lot more research and yet another “This may be your last chance to discover your true potential” letter, I decided to take the plunge. I have to give them props for their guerilla marketing, they are a persistent bunch, but everything I’ve read and heard has been pretty positive. Of course there are exceptions but the overwhelming consensus has been that the one on one mentoring style of the course is great for newbies such as myself. Granted it’s not the full blown $600 “write a book ” course but at half the price and the same course style I don’t think “writing for magazines” is too bad. Either way, I’m getting a solid brush up on the basics at a budget friendly cost and the correspondence/self pacing of the course is exactly what I need right now. Can’t wait to get my materials!

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