As Time Goes By

So our church marriage conference was cancelled, meaning the dramatic scene my husband and I were writing is a no go. We might just finish it for fun though. It was cool to join creative forces. While I aspire to written expressions, my husband’s talents lie in dramatic performance-theatre, film, and voice work. We’re both reaching for the stars.
I’ve been a bit restless, trying to figure out how to further myself along in this journey. It’s a process, I know, but sometimes my impatience fogs the mind. Maybe my impatience is the reason I focus on short stories..hmmm. I have about three fictional shorts in process. I’m working on them depending on my mood and what “voice” I’m hearing at the time (no, not those voices). Maybe one of my projects will be a collection of short stories. I’m still psyched about the MD Writers Assoc conference in April. I downloaded a schedule of the speakers and their topics. A lot of good workshops…the basics  like plot, setting, and developing the habit of writing to networking and finding an agent. I’m also really eager to connect with other writers and find a local critique group. I’ve been searching the Writer’s Market website lately and saved a few interesting listings, now I just need to stop being a slacker and actually submit something. Considering I paid an annual fee to use the site, I thought I’d be more inclined to take advantage of the opportunities listed even if for no other reason than to get my money’s worth…I can’t let my Writer’s Market subscription go the way of the gym membership. In other news, I celebrated another year of life last week…33 years and counting…and I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

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