Taking Leaps

So I did a thing. Fleshed out an idea. Took a leap!

First, The Published Journey now has a logo! *woohoo and and a round of applause for Canva* Check out the header.

Second, you can now follow The Published Journey on Instagram & Facebook. This was a major leap. Why? Because I have a love/loathe relationship with social media. I love the connections, community and encouragement I’ve found (especially on Instagram). But I loathe the negativity, distraction and discouragement. Am I the only one who has gone down one rabbit hole too many, wasting precious time and occasionally left questioning my whole life? Then, there’s always a nervous anticipation that comes with sharing words and thoughts that only you may understand. But I’m constantly reminded that, even with an audience of one, I am honoring God with the gift He’s given me.

So a huge WELCOME and THANKS for following this journey…a work in progress. I’ve stopped and started this blogging thing many times over the past decade. I’ve revamped, changed directions and moved from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve plugged away on book ideas. I’ve submitted, fielded rejections, and pondered constructive (and not so constructive) critiques. But I keep learning. I keep going. And maybe I can encourage you to do the same.

Keep going. Take a leap. Write on, friends.

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