Little Things

It’s late and I hear the pitter patter of rain drops (at least that’s what I think it is or it could be my mind playing tricks on me). The hubby and kids are asleep and…uh…I need to be right along them. But it’s been a crazy week- full of pesky coughs, serious bronchitis, yucky mucus, yo-yoing fevers…you get my drift. This “nurse” needs some pampering and about 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. But here I write, my kind of therapy, a way to organize my jumbled thoughts and peer through the fog. And because I think most parents and/or spouses can agree that sometimes being “nurse” is a thankless job, I end the night with a smile remembering my son’s python squeeze and sweet smile saying “I appreciate you taking care of me, Mommy.” *Tears* It’s the little things that make this tired Mommy’s heart glad. Happy writing, friends!

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