In Progress

Some may ask, “So you have this blog and this dream of being published but what are you actually working on?” Good question!  Well first I’d have to say, the fact I’m regularly blogging here is major progress.  Five years ago I would have gawked at the idea of transferring the dialogue in my head to the world wide web. I was too concerned about people’s opinions and insecure in my own ability-not exactly useful traits for an aspiring author. But I’m here and I’m doing it one step at a time and my challenge now is to focus. I have notebooks and computer files of ideas, starts and first drafts but lately I’ve been channeling my energy into a collection of short stories and a collabo effort with my hubby. He is mega talented in illustration and voice acting so coupled with my writing we’re trying to create a little magic…Stay tuned…

Today’s Prompt:
You’re invited to a friend’s house for an important holiday dinner.  You find a roach in your food.  What do you do and/or say?

“Everyone dig in!”
I could sense Kayla’s excitement. She was hosting her first Thanksgiving as Mrs. Redman. I scanned the impressive spread, proud of my friend for taking on such a monumental task. Three kinds of meat and every side dish imaginable-she was determined to win over her in-laws. The table was abuzz with polite conversation as pans and plates were passed. I scooped a large helping of mashed potatoes onto my plate as I waited for the turkey to be carved. Tastebuds watering, I had just stuck my fork into the creamy  mound when I noticed it. “Raisins in mashed potatoes?” I thought to myself, an odd choice but I wasn’t much of a cook and Kayla loved gourmet recipes.  When I pushed the raisin aside and realized it had six legs, I covered my mouth to suppress a gasp. Quickly hiding my discovery, I looked around the table satisfied that no one had noticed a thing…

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