Get Movin’

I’m mulling over what my next moves should be. I have so many ideas in my head and about four stories outlined and started.
So I’m thinking I will definitely submit something for WD’s next writing competition coming up in May. Then there’s also writing classes. I’m still receiving letters from the Institute of Children’s Literature. I took one of those “Be a children’s writer” aptitude tests and received a lovely letter informing me of a passing score and praising my great potential. Of course the realization of this potential was dependent upon a $600(?) correspondence course with a writing mentor. The financial outlook at the time made it a no-go although the importance of writing education was not lost on me. Just not sure I want to write for just children though and I have to do a bit more research on the school…I can be a bit of skeptic at times. Of course now the question becomes where can I get the most bang for my buck, the search for reputable writing programs and classes will be a post for another day. Finally I can’t ignore the self-publishing route that seems to be a trend these days. A college friend, MB Parker (see the link to her site on the left) self-published her debut novella “A Debt Too Deep.” She’s a great writer and so graciously gave her time & expertise to critique a very, very rough draft of an idea with which I’m still deciding what to do.
In some ways I’m so conventional…follow these rules, these steps, this system…but it seems with writing and publishing there’s no one way to do it and sometimes unconventional can be good.

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