Hot, Hot, Hot!

Triple digit temps and a cranked up AC- Happy Summer!!!  Trying to stay cool, keep the kiddos busy, and squeeze in a little “me” (ie. writing and reading) time along the way. Summer seems to be the season for writing retreats as I’ve come across a number of listings ( So I’ve added a summer writing retreat to my ‘Someday’ list (also the title of a great book by Stacy Hawkins Adams). I’m also psyched to be making progress on my ‘To Read’ list, I’ll have to share some of my favorites reads thus far in a later post.

Okay so my son has a wild imagination and from his 6 year old mind comes- Playground Nightmare (his own title)- and to encourage his knack for storytelling, my husband illustrated a couple of the characters.  I thought it was pretty cool, my menfolk have such brilliant minds and talent.