Daily Thanks #9

Grateful for…

“A praying mom’s love and covering”

Ears attuned
To the soothing cadence
Of a language
Only heaven understands
Praises and petitions
Worship and warring
Utterances from a heart
Surrendered and seeking
Sacred moments of His glory
Resting and refreshing
Wrapped in the peace of His presence
When Mom prays

Daily Thanks #1

How many words does it take to express a complete thought? To tell a complete story?

These questions challenge me. And I’m always in awe of writers who can paint a complete picture or convey a moving narrative in just a few words. So for this month of Thanksgiving, I’m inspired by SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoirs project to express my daily thanks in six words.

And on this first day I’m grateful for:

Power in the short and sweet