This is your…

“This is your reminder to blog today”

This message pops up in my notifications every Friday. But lately, my drafts never seem quite finished. So, today I salute perpetual works in progress…

“This is your reminder to see purpose in the process today. “

My Apologies

“We apologize.” I was a moody preteen, testing boundaries…and my parents had just apologized to me. I remember feeling as if the the earth had shifted. I remember thinking “what kind of trickery is this? Is this a joke?” But it wasnt. They recognized that in their commitment to love and care for me they didn’t always get it right. They were correcting course and letting me know my feelings were valid. *Mind blown* That apology laid the foundation for apologies to come as I matured in acknowledging my own shortcomings and taking responsibility for my actions. That apology also taught me what an apology should be, recognizing non-apologies (“Sorry, not sorry”) and knowing when to walk away.

Let’s be reminded to never underestimate the power of a genuine apology- the power in giving one and the power in recognizing one.