Attitude of Gratitude Day 1 & 2

According to some of my friends on Facebook, November is the month of gratitude and each day you’re supposed to post one thing for which you are grateful. While I’m on a self-imposed FB detox of sorts (another post for another day), I’m not one to turn down any opportunity to give thanks so I thought I’d blog my daily gratitudes.

Day 1
I’m grateful for clarity of mind especially since I’ve only averaged about 12 hours total sleep over the past 3 nights with a cranky but clingy 21 month old.

Day 2
I’m grateful for heat and electricity. Our furnace is out and while waiting for the part (that had to be specially ordered-then delayed due to Superstorm Sandy) we’ve been using space heaters. I know that I can”make do” but in light of all that the storm victims are enduring, my heart and prayers truly go out to them.