What If

Ready, set and we’re off! The holiday season is in full swing. Expressions of gratitude, tidings of comfort & joy and shopping deals abound. But for some of us there is only stress and trepidation. The goodness and beauty of the season are eclipsed by neverending to-do lists and unrealistic expectations.

So what if we changed our perspective? Minimized perfection and magnified grace. What if we decided to simply opt out? Opt out of traditions and expectations that weigh us with dread and mask us with insincerity. What if we dared to do something different? Let our “yes” be genuine and purposeful. Let our “no” be firm and free of guilt. What if in the midst of it all we took time to just be…Grateful.

Endless Thanks

Unable to contain in just one day,

A lifetime of profession.

A daily exercise of appreciation,

For this life uniquely my own,

For the glorious triumphs,

For the disheartening defeats,

For the gift of grace,

For mercies renewed,

For everyday blessings,

For the difficult journeys,

For the smallest joys,

For the sting of self-reflection,

For the hope in growth,

For love unfettered and unconditional,

For the joy of family,

For the solace of friends.

Thanks to a God so Magnificent, so Wonderful, and so Good.

Humbled by His presence and in awe of His care. -LAS

“Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done. Sing to him; yes, sing his praises. Tell everyone about his wonderful deeds.”

Psalms 105:1-2

Attitude of Gratitude Day 30

While this is the last day of the month and officially the last day of the gratitude project, I know that gratitude is a daily exercise, whether written or spoken. Gratitude keeps life in perspective. No matter what the day brings there is always something for which to be grateful. So today I’m just grateful for life, the great, the not so great, the triumphs, the failures, the little things. God is good and I am grateful for this life He has given to me.

Attitude of Gratitude Day 26

To be honest I can’t immediately think of anything that I’m grateful for today. It’s been “one of those days”- a day of unpleasant moods and brooding reflections, a day where the cons seem to outweigh the pros. But then I am grateful, grateful for a gracious God who knows me at my core, a God who won’t berate or strike me down in my current state but love and encourage me in spite of…

Attitude of Gratitude Day 22, 23 & 24

I’m grateful for peaceful, joyous family gatherings and that no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other or how short the visit, we pick up where we left off and maximize every moment.

I’m grateful for Thanksgiving leftovers- breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

I’m grateful for proper perspective as the Christmas shopping season (and media blitz) takes off full steam.

Attitude of Gratitude Day 20 & 21

I’m grateful for my Dad. As I age, I see more and more of his face as I gaze into the mirror and I find myself repeating and acting on little nuggets of his wisdom. I know there are many good men in this world (my husband being one of them) but I like to think when God created my Dad he broke the mold.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to say “Thanks” -not just on tomorrow for Thanksgiving or for the month of November but every single day in word and in deed.

Attitude of Gratitude Days 16, 17 & 18

I’m grateful for the miracle of birth and precious newborn babies because they often help change perspectives and renew relationships.

I’m grateful for weekends, holidays and the opportunity to spend time with the ones we love the most.

I’m grateful for my husband’s instincts behind the wheel and good brakes…nothing like traveling on Interstate 95 through northern Virginia.